Necro: Cawdor Heavy, by *StugMeister, Deviantart

House Cawdor is the stronghold of the Cult of the Redemption whose prophets foretell of universal destruction. Although the cult has its adherents throughout the hive, in House Cawdor it has attained the status of an official religion. For this reason the House is also known as the "House of Redemption".

The Cawdor attitude to the other Houses is strongly coloured by their beliefs. Amongst other things this forbids them to show their faces in public, so Cawdor can be recognised by their elaborate masks. The designs of their masks are often quite bizarre or disturbing. The Redemption demands a strict code of conduct, and those who break the rules are driven away and become outcasts. Hivers who do not follow the Redemption are worthless infidels. Needless to say, the relationship between House Cawdor and the other Houses is strained. It is often supposed that the Cawdor actively support Redemptionist outlaws in the other Houses.