Necromunda 004

House Escher is perhaps the most strikingly different of all the Houses of Necromunda. Like all the Houses it is controlled by a ruling family, and its political life and institutions are dominated by close relatives or families in service. However, unlike the other Houses which have reasonably balanced populations, that of the Escher is made up almost entirely of women. The few males are shrivelled and imbecilic, perhaps as the result of a genetic flaw within the House bloodline. Whatever the reason, they play no part in the normal affairs of the Escher.

Escher society has long since developed to cope with its uniquely imbalanced population so that it is no longer perceived as a disadvantage. The Escher have a reputation for arrogance and are said to look down upon and pity all males. They are particularly dismissive of the Goliaths as simple and brutish. The two Houses are old enemies and skirmishes along their borders are common.