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Box Art of the Outlanders supplement.

The 1996 Outlanders boxset was a major expansion to the original 1995 Necromunda (game) Necromunda box set. The set includes a set of plastic and cardboard terrain, game counters, and a rulebook.

The rulebook contains rules for:

  • Outlaw Trading Posts.
  • Outlaw Scenarios.
  • Trecacherous conditions.
  • A bestiary of aliens, underhive vermin, deviant scum, and creatuers of chaos.
  • Succession of leadership in case of a dead gang leader.
  • An Arbitrator Campaign.

The Arbitrator Campaign operates like a quasi-roleplaying game. It requires a neutral player to serve as the Arbitrator, who conducts the campaign like a wargaming referee and RPG Game Master. The games play like a normal campaign game, but the Arbitrator can write-up scenarios, and adjust them on a whim.

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